The Independent Day School
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The IDS Advantage

  • Design
    IDS students grow into independent, original and collaborative thinkers who aren’t confined to examining things in conventional ways.
  • Fearless
    At IDS, we work to remove fear from the equation. Exploring interests and curiosities is encouraged. The result is preschool, elementary and middle school students who are fearless at school.
  • Social & Emotional
    Kind and curious. Helpful and hardworking. Our students root for one another and bring out the best selves in each other.

Get To Know IDS

IDS in Action

Second Graders Perform The Mitten
The Second Graders studied the work of author, Jan Brett and thought that The Mitten would make an excellent play. In the story, Nikki, a Ukranian boy, loses his white mitten in the snow...
5/25/2016 2:15 PM
Our newly knighted lords and ladies of the first grade enjoy their medieval feast with an excellent excuse for eating with their fingers.
IDS Fourth Graders Perform: Bubble, Bubble, MacBeth in Trouble!
In January, Fourth Grade students added a healthy dose of comic relief to Shakespeare's darkest tragedy, MacBeth. From the moment the three weird sisters prophesize that Mr. MacBeth will replace King Duncan–Scotland's King of Rock-n-Roll–the jokes start flying. Mrs. MacBeth and her husband bring the Elvis impersonator to an untimely end; Banquo’s ghost can’t seem to terrify anyone; and MacDuff’s hamster was slain by the new King of Scotland.
Boys Varsity Basketball Sweeps Pine Point Tournament
The IDS Coyotes cruised to the Pine Point Tournament championship on Saturday in convincing fashion with a 5 – 0 win over The Country School (Madison), St.John’s (Old Saybrook) and Pine Point School (Stonington)...
5/24/2016 12:03 PM
The eighth graders have spent the last 8 weeks writing a cumulative essay about a topic of their choosing, and designing a museum exhibit centered around their thesis statement. Today they presented t...
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