The Independent Day School
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IDS Mission Statement

 By knowing students deeply both as individuals and learners,
IDS inspires a community of independent thinkers
who are resilient and confident to take risks
as they connect with others in the joyful pursuit of learning.

(Approved by the Board of Trustees on May 13, 2015)
Our mission is a true testament to what the school strives to be and do on a daily basis. Caring adults surround each child and build strong relationships with them. Only when a student is known both as a learner and as an individual can effective learning take place. This belief is intrinsic to the school's culture.
Our teachers appreciate that everyone learns differently, and they adjust programming to suit varied learning styles and cultivate varied strengths. While approaching a task together as a group, each student is free to contribute in a way that reflects his or her learning style so that the student develops confidence and independence. Teachers encourage students to take appropriate risks and allow them to make mistakes, as these mistakes can be opportunities for learning.
Educating any community of learners is a team effort. The ability for students to connect and collaborate with others strengthens the educational experience as students work together to master a skill, to understand a concept or to tackle a problem. 

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