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The IDS Theatre Arts Program


"The world is our stage" is more than an expression at IDS. Each year, beginning in Kindergarten, all students are involved in acting and producing age-appropriate dramatic productions. We act, we sing, we dance, we design and build sets, and no matter how small or large the role, students are engaged in working together to bring the theater to life.

At IDS we highly value the benefits of theater for children. Dramatic performance allows children to explore their creativity, to discover a little more about themselves and gain confidence in front of an audience. Children are provided with the opportunity to collaborate with their peers, think critically, to foster peer acceptance and to develop self-worth in a safe environment.

Early Childhood and Lower School Students in grades one through five present their plays to the entire school, their families, and invited guests. Most often the theme of each classroom production is woven into the classroom’s academic curriculum.

All students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade have the opportunity to perform on the professional stage in our Galluzzo Theater. The class play is certainly one of the highlights of each child’s year! The skills they gain, both socially and academically, provide them with a solid base for the experiences they will encounter in Middle School.

Middle School

All Middle School Students take Theatre Arts.   The sixth grade students study puppetry. After studying the history of puppetry, they choose a show to develop, write their own scripts, design and build the puppets, create scenery, manipulate the puppets and read the parts.  

The Seventh Grade students study public speaking skills.  The focus of the class is on non-verbal communication, verbal expression and stage presence.  The students also create a monologue about their passions and present them to an audience.

The Eighth Grade studies Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet through a program that integrates acting, creative writing and text analysis.  Student use script reading and group discussion to examine the plot, characters and language of the play.  At the end of the course, the eighth graders work on scenes.  They analyze and direct their own scenes that are presented to an audience.

To supplement their weekly classes with direct experience, students can participate in a fall play and/or a Broadway-style musical production, involving up to fifty cast and crew members.  The Tech Club offers experience and opportunities in all aspects of technical theatre.  All the members benefit from working under the tutelage of professional choreographers, and musical and artistic guest directors.   

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