Design Thinking

The Design Thinking process is a formalization of the problem solving strategies and processes that have been a part of the IDS fabric across the curriculum throughout the years.
Across the grades a student identifies or is presented with a problem/project to investigate. After identifying the challenge and the desired outcome, as understood at that point, an initial plan is put in place. The path of discovery to reach that outcome is flexible. Students become accustomed with the process of creating potentially multiple iterations, with refinements along the way. A goal, in addition to the identified end point, is for a comfort level to be gained with the design process, keeping an open mind, and the benefits of collaboration.

In Middle School the Design Thinking experience continues in each classroom, but also becomes more intentional via each grade having two classes/week in the MakerLab space. As part of the DAS (Digital Arts Science) class, two trimesters/year are for digital arts classes and one/year for Design Thinking. In the Maker Lab, students work with their classmates and teacher on both defined projects and individual creations. Gaining comfort with a variety of hand tools and found materials, amazing creations and learning happens.
    • Design Thinking in a group

      Design Thinking in a group