Welcome to IDS

Welcome to The Independent Day School! We hope that you have had an opportunity to thoughtfully explore our website and you have enjoyed experiencing some of what makes IDS such a remarkable school.
For over 50 years, The Independent Day School has defined educational excellence in the greater Hartford and New Haven area. At IDS, robust academics, personalized instruction and an emphasis on Fearless Learning come together to create an environment where curiosity thrives, creativity abounds, and anything is possible.

The Independent Day School is a rich and diverse mosaic of exceptional students united in the common pursuit of personal discovery and academic excellence. There is no typical IDS student. In fact, we pride ourselves on recognizing the unique talents and passions that make every child special. Top performers, conventional students, non-traditional learners, artists, athletes and actors all call IDS home.

At the center of The Independent Day School teaching philosophy is a firm belief that every child is capable of greatness and that it is our responsibility as educators to both nurture and celebrate the strengths of our students while simultaneously encouraging them to embrace challenges in the pursuit of personal growth.

We invite you to continue exploring our school and to contact our Admission Office if you would like to learn more about Fearless Learning and IDS.

IDS Mission Statement

By knowing students deeply both as individuals and learners,
IDS inspires a community of independent thinkers
who are resilient and confident to take risks
as they connect with others in the joyful pursuit of learning.