Marine Band Member Speaks to Lower School

Marine Master Sergeant and Marine Band member, Russell Wilson, virtually joined Lower School students yesterday to discuss his experiences performing different cultural music all over the world. 

The appearance was even more special because the third, fourth, and fifth-grade students previously learned about Wilson from watching his educational video, “Around the World in Thirty Minutes,” in their music classes during the week. In the video, Wilson performed different instruments and different styles of music and dances from various countries, including America, Mexico, Russia, Ireland, Japan, and so many more. 

As Wilson “traveled” to a new country, the students would identify each country on a world map, and also answered questions about the different instruments and songs that were covered.

During his virtual visit to IDS, Lower School students were able to ask Wilson a wide range of questions, including why he chose to join the Marine Band, how many instruments he could play, and what his favorite type of music is. 

“The combination of being able to have a marine band member join us to discuss the film, and for the students to see a film that shared music from so many countries was a perfect combination to make the learning process exciting and fun,” said Music Teacher Jane Mills, who was instrumental in setting everything up. “Music is something that unites us and it was wonderful to see students often have different favorite pieces and an appreciation for the different types of music.”

Thank you, Master Sergeant Wilson, for joining IDS and sharing your experiences with our students!