Fearless Learning

An environment of fearless learning

At the heart of IDS's transformational educational experience is the unyielding belief that each child possesses an innate desire and endless capacity to learn. Fearless learners are free to indulge their curiosity without arbitrary constraints, free to explore their world without hesitation, and free to question assumptions without the fear of
being judged, shutdown, or redirected.
The Independent Day School is not defined by a rigid, prescribed curriculum or a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. Instead, at IDS, we believe that every child is unique and deserves to be inspired by both nurturing teachers and supportive classmates. To be a fearless learner at IDS at every grade level, is to confidently pursue one’s best self in an environment that is dynamic, unfettered and fresh.
Of all the obstacles that hinder children from succeeding in school – and later in life – fear may be the greatest of all. Fear of failing. Fear of success. Fear of trying something new. Fear of being left out. Fear of standing out. Fear of being yourself. So at The Independent Day School, we work hard to remove fear from the equation by creating Fearless Learners.

Fearless learners are intellectually curious students who are fascinated by the world around them and intrigued by endless possibilities. Undeterred by the fear of failure and indeed strengthened through their own mistakes, fearless learners boldly enter the marketplace of ideas with an eye on achieving continuous self-improvement and personal success.

Fearless learners confidently speak in front of All-School Meetings, proudly display their first watercolor paintings, boldly perform on stage for the first time, eagerly volunteer to scale the climbing wall, bravely draft their first poem and empathetically extend a hand to people in need. The tallest and the smallest IDS students are at ease when facing challenges. They push themselves to be better students, fitter athletes, more accomplished performers and kinder friends.

The IDS Fearless Learning experience varies depending on the student and the different age groups. However, one unifying principle remains consistent, we keep our students at the center of their education, one fearless step at a time.
    • Ethan and Kaiya