At the Independent Day School, we understand just how important a decision it is when it comes to where to send your child for their education. There are many factors that go into your decision and a lot of options to consider. Here at IDS, we want to make this process as easy and smooth as possible, while ensuring you that this is a special school and community in which your child can thrive and grow to their fullest potential. 

Hear what some of our current families have to say about their decision to enroll their child at IDS:

“My husband and I began searching for an alternative to public school for our son when he was in 5th grade. Although our school district was a strong one, we found that our son wasn’t getting enough. He thrived on learning and wanted more. The teacher was stretched with over 20 kids in the class and couldn’t provide the extra focus he needed  like giving him additional assignments or helping him build on his enthusiasm about learning. Once moving him to IDS we wished we would have done it years earlier. The quality of the faculty is exceptional and the focus is on the children as individuals with different needs who at times require different teaching styles. Teachers are not constrained by state regulations based on testing and are creative and inspirational. My son flourished in this environment which challenged him and nurtured his love of learning.” - Parent ‘17, ‘22

“Our children love going to school at IDS and have gained true confidence in their ability to learn, take academic risks, and in their sense of self. The curriculum at IDS is challenging, immersive, and creative. The environment is incredibly nurturing, and our kids feel safe and supported within their school community. We are grateful for the opportunity to send our children to IDS. They are flourishing!” - Parent ‘24, ‘26

“We always wanted a school that treated our children as individuals, and not just one of many. We have found that at IDS! Our children are learning in a nurturing environment
where they are also challenged academically. The small class sizes ensure our children’s needs are individually met, and the teachers and parents work together to see each child succeed. In a short time, I have seen our children’s mind and character grow!” - Parent ‘27, ‘29

"I have been at IDS for nine years and am one out of six members of my family to attend this school. Growing up and learning in the IDS community, I have seen the many virtues of being part of a small school. The tight knit IDS family strengthened my confidence and encouraged me to try new things. IDS is a school of many paths which allows for great opportunity for kids to shine, whether it be our competitive and supportive athletics program, our dedicated music programs, or our interactive and informative clubs. Throughout my IDS experience I have been able to take advantage of all these amazing opportunities, all of which have shaped and formed my identity and sprouted new interests in subjects I was not interested in before. At IDS, no matter your interests, there is room for you to grow, with immense support and opportunity. I believe that this is the reason I have been so successful, and my growth in confidence will be a part of my successes in the future. As I head to high school next year, I will not forget how IDS has shaped me to be a leader and impactful part of a community." - IDS Student '21