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Scholarship Opportunities at IDS

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  • IDS Merit Scholarship

    The IDS Merit Scholarship of up to $5,000 per academic year is awarded to students applying to Grades 6-8, including current IDS students, and is renewable through to graduation, assuming that the student continues to thrive in the IDS environment by fulfilling academic and citizenship expectations. All prospective Middle School students are encouraged to apply for the IDS Merit Scholarship. Recipients are selected based on the following criteria: good citizenship, an outstanding pattern of academic achievement, commitment to learning, and evidence of community engagement. 

    All scholarship  documents must be submitted before February 1st
  • Wallace Scholarship

    The Dr. Edward and Elizabeth Wallace Scholarship is awarded to one sixth grader in overall good standing for his or her three-year Middle School tenure. This scholarship of $6,000 per academic year is available to a student who demonstrates a passion for learning and discovery and whose family demonstrates substantial financial need.
2023-2024 Scholarship Deadline is February 1st

*Scholarship recipients may also apply for need-based tuition assistance. If need-based tuition assistance is requested, the student's family must complete the FACTS application, which will aid the Tuition Assistance Committee in understanding the family’s financial situation.

Checklist for Students Applying for an IDS Scholarship

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  • 1. Submit Written Essay

    Please choose one of the topics below for your essay. Word Count 500.
    1. If you starred in a television show about your life, what would the show be called? What genre would it be? Summarize the plot of an episode.
    2. Who has been an influential person in your life and why
    3. Describe a time that you helped someone or participated in a community service project. 
    Please send all submissions to
  • 2. Teacher Recommendation

    Ask a teacher to submit a written recommendation in regard to the student’s citizenship and community service. This can be any teacher that the student has had in the last year.

    Please send all submissions to
  • 3. Review of Most Recent Report Card

    Along with the essay and teacher recommendation, students must also submit a copy of their most recent report card.
  • 4. Interview with Scholarship Committee

    Once we have received all of your materials, we will contact you if the scholarship committee requires a brief interview.

    Please direct all questions to
The Middle School Scholarships will be presented to the students in the applicant pool who demonstrate the strongest overall performance in all of the criteria.
Notification of scholarship awards will be included in the IDS acceptance package.