Secondary School Placement

Success at IDS is no accident;  it is the culmination of authentic growth over time with a learning-community that supports, encourages, and challenges each individual student to be their very best self. 

One of our chief goals is to help you find a place to go after IDS that will continue to help you maximize your potential through high school and beyond. The secondary school process here is founded on the premise that there is a great “next step” for every one of our students, and our goal is to make that match. 

Whether you are headed to public, parochial, or independent schools, whether to day or boarding, single-sex or co-ed, near or far, this is a journey that we will help you navigate every step of the way. Our alumni are known throughout the plethora of schools in the region for their amazing balance of confidence and humility, and for their strong foundation of work and habits that gives them great momentum for high school’s challenges. 

We approach the process of moving on to secondary school like we do everything else at IDS: fearlessly confident that success lies both within and ahead of you.
    • Working Together

Placement Process

List of 2 items.

  • Seventh Grade

    • Annual Secondary School Fair “Preliminary Look” for those families interested in joining the afternoon’s event.
    • Conversations individually with the Director for those families interested.

    Early Spring:
    • Secondary School Panels - these are special evening launching the process which include a panel of representatives from the admission offices of a variety of local high schools to talk about the process and answer questions.
    Late Spring:
    • Families are welcome to meet with the Director as they would like to begin talking about various options.
  • Eighth Grade

    • Family Welcome Evening with the Director and others to discuss the process in more depth, go over detailed logistics and answer general questions and answers.
    • Secondary School Panel – representatives from a variety of schools are on campus to talk more and answer questions with students and parents.
    • Students and families meet individually and in small groups with the Director to talk about the process, get started on initial lists, discuss and plan visits, prepare for admissions tests, practice interviews and begin applications.
    • Annual Secondary School Fair – IDS hosts one of the oldest and largest Fairs in the region with over 60 schools from around Connecticut and the country on campus.
    October – November:
    • Early November: SSAT offered on campus at IDS.
    • Individual meetings and work on applications continue.
    • Families continue to visit schools.
    • Students contact faculty to write recommendations.
    December – January:
    • Early December: High School Placement Test for those applying to Parochial schools
    • SSAT offered at local schools if needed / wanted.
    • Applications due to Director.
    • Final visits and contacts with schools.
    • Families applying for Financial Aid complete the NAIS/SSS “Parent Financial Statement”
    • February:
    • All elements of independent school applications due to schools.
    • Public school visit and registration process begins if appropriate.
    • 10th – Independent School “notification day.”
    • “Revisit” days and opportunities to talk further with schools.
    • Individual family meetings with Director to discuss options and plan.
    • 10th – Families notify schools (and the Director) of final decisions
    • Students and families celebrate their decisions!