Social & Emotional Curriculum

“Empathy, Compassion, and Respect. 
A Community Together, We All Connect
Responsibility and Love, Words We Know Well
Learning and Sharing, Our Futures We Foretell”
-IDS School Song
How children learn is as important as what they learn and the greatest cognitive growth occurs through social interaction. Our EC community is built around the social emotional curriculum entitled Responsive Classroom. This curriculum focuses on:

  • Strategies that cultivate positive relationships
  • Behavior management and redirection techniques
  • Emphasizing the acronym CARES (cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy and self-control). 
Just as the Lower School utilizes Responsive Classroom for their social-emotional curriculum, in advisory groups, Middle School students employ Second Step, which focuses on five themes:

  • empathy and communication
  • bullying prevention
  • emotion management
  • problem solving
  • substance abuse and prevention.
Second Step is not taught in a vacuum and moves out of the class into real situations. At IDS, every day is a day to learn how to create a safe, respectful learning environment.