Center for Global and Cultural Citizenship

Young people who recognize that they can be active participants in a global world learn to work collaboratively with individuals from diverse cultures, with diverse viewpoints, and varied life experiences in a spirit of cooperation and appreciation. As students develop self-awareness they also develop an awareness of others in ways that provide opportunities for empathy, compassion, and respect for differences.
Essential Skills: Cooperation, Collaboration, Inclusivity, Conflict Mediation, Cultural Competence.
  • Faculty Professional Development in Cultural Competence
  • The adoption of a Board of Trustees inclusivity statement 
  • Expansion of multicultural literature and resources across the grades
  • MS clubs like Ubuntu and Interact expand students’ understanding of diversity
  • Spanish language study begins in PreK
  • Speakers and performers drawn from diverse backgrounds
  • Multicultural Friends and Family parent group
  • Coyote’s Cultural Compass monthly magazine created by parents
  • International Travel programs