Student Trip to Ecuador Founders Day

Center for Global Citizenship

Young people who recognize that they can be active participants in a global world learn to work collaboratively with individuals from diverse cultures, with diverse viewpoints, and varied life experiences in a spirit of cooperation and appreciation. As students develop self-awareness they also develop an awareness of others in ways that provide opportunities for empathy, compassion, and respect for differences. IDS Global Citizenship and Cultural Studies programs give learners opportunities to develop knowledge and skills to be effective intercultural citizens and to explore languages and cultures to develop an appreciation for our big, beautiful world.
Grounded in the IDS mission to inspire curious, confident, connected learners and our core values of empathy, compassion, respect, our students will experience classroom and schoolwide programs and opportunities to develop their understandings of the world in which we live and their place in it. Students of all ages will be actively engaged in exploring the school community, their local communities, our nation, and the world. Most importantly, we hope that each child will see that they have the power to act and to influence the world around them.

Many students who engage in global education develop keen interests in and passions for specific topics and issues, setting themselves on a lifelong course of academic study and activism for change. Global education “shows young people that they have a voice. The world may be changing fast, but they can make a positive difference - and help build a fairer, safer and more secure world for everyone.” (

Under the umbrella of global citizenship and cultural studies, students of all ages explore what it means to be an active citizen of the school community, their local communities, the United States, and the world. In the early grades, students are engaged in learning about the IDS community and their local communities, developing an understanding of the importance of cooperation, collaboration, and leadership in creating a caring, inclusive community. Middle grades students are focused on the bigger world – history, cultures, geography, climates – and are learning to see how connection and conflict shape and impact our planet. Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 are assembling what they have learned about community and about the world to explore the question, “Who am I in the world – and how can I make a difference?”, digging deeper into issues of identity and culture.

Our 2018-19 Year of Global Citizenship and Cultural Studies began with a celebration of the IDS community and its rich heritage and diversity. Faculty actively engage in professional development in cultural competence, reinforce knowledge of culturally sensitive teaching practices and reaffirm our commitment to creating an inclusive environment for all our students and families. IDS teachers will build new units of study that focus on global and cultural studies and will challenge themselves to make connections to grade-level peers in at least one other country through letter writing, information exchange, and technology-based face-to-face conversations. We have begun growing our learning resource libraries with more current multicultural resources that more closely reflect the diversity of our community and the world and our cultural enrichment activities will center on cultural themes. middle school clubs, Ubuntu and Interact, that are focused on multicultural learning and international issues. These clubs provide excellence hands-on spaces for middle school students to explore multiculturalism and global concerns.

As we move forward we hope to equip our Center for Global Citizenship and Cultural Studies with a small language lab to provide students with space and resources to tackle languages beyond Spanish and improve technology capability for facetime chats with students around the world.