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Our teachers genuinely love what they do, embrace the idea of life long learning and impart an insatiable curiosity and joy to their students.

Andrea Archer, Associate Head of School
Post Graduate Certification, Westminster College, Oxford University
M.S., Warwick University
M.A., St. Anne’s College, Oxford University


Carrie Boyce, Physical Education Teacher & Middle School Advisor
B.S., Springfield College
M.S., Central Connecticut State University

Tiffany Byrne, Second Grade Teacher
B.S., Central Connecticut State University
M.S., Southern Connecticut State University

Laurie H. Dickerson, Learning Support Tutor
B.A., Connecticut College
M.A.L.S., Wesleyan University

Tricia D'Onofrio, Lower School Teacher
B.S., Central Connecticut State University

Maggie Dolan, Director of Finance and Operations
B.A., University of Connecticut

Maureen Dorsey, Learning Support Tutor
B.A., Central Connecticut State University
M.A., Saint Joseph College

Barbara Doyle, Director of Marketing and Events
B.S., Quinnipiac University
M.P.S., Quinnipiac University 

Kate Drew, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
B.A., Mary Washington University 

Chris Ellis, Middle School Math Teacher and Advisor
B.A., Merrimack College

Ryan Gemmell, Middle School Teacher and Advisor
B.S., Central Connecticut State University
M.A., University of Bridgeport

Katy Griffith, Middle School History Teacher and Advisor
B.A., Boston University

Amanda Herzog, IDS+ Program Manager
B.A.,University of Hartford

Mary Jemiola, Learning Center Coordinator
B.S., Southern Connecticut State University

Marijke Kehrhahn, Head of School
B.F.A., University of Connecticut
M.A., University of Connecticut
Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Dan Kollmer, Middle School Science Teacher and Advisor
B.S., Unity College

Colin Maher, Middle School Spanish Teacher and Advisor
B.A., University of Rochester
M.A., New York University

Paula Mansfield, Grades K-6 Science Teacher
B.S., Skidmore College

Christine Masick, Middle School Teacher and Advisor
B.A., Muhlenberg College

Jane Mills, Music Teacher
B.M., Hartt School of Music

Audrey Minto, K-5 Spanish Teacher
B.A., Paris XIII University

Charlie Mitchell, Director, Secondary School Placement
Middle School History Teacher
B.A., University of New Hampshire


Ruthann Montgomery, Office Manager
A.B., Boston Business College

Caroline Mortiere, Third Grade Teacher
B.A., University of St. Joseph

Thu-Anh Nguyen, First Grade Teacher
B.S, University of Connecticut
M.A., University of Connecticut

Michael Pestel, Design Thinking Teacher
B.A., Hartwick College
M.F.A., Otis Art Institute

Kirsten Reynolds, Director of Technology
B.A., Providence College
M.Ed., Lesley University

Julia Rorke, Early Childhood Assistant Teacher
B.S., Central CT State University

Jim Rumberger, Director of Facilities
Middle School Latin Teacher
B.A., Wesleyan University

Christine Schenk, Fifth Grade Teacher
B.S., Southern Connecticut University
M.S., Southern Connecticut University

Robert Schoen, Fourth Grade Teacher
B.A., Franklin and Marshall College
M.S., Temple University
M.A., University of Saint Joseph

Janet Sisson, Director, Physical Education
B.S., University of Rhode Island
M.S., Central Connecticut University

Madeline Smith, Art Teacher
B.F.A., University of Connecticut
M.L.S., Wesleyan University

Kate Thibodeau, Learning Support Tutor
B.S., University of Hartford


Heather Urso, Beginners Teacher
B.S., Saint Joseph College


Katie Winkowski, School Nurse
LPN Certification, Vinal Tech
B.A., University of North Carolina 

Brianna Zegzdryn, Kindergarten Teacher
B.S, University of Connecticut

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