Third Grade Class “Adopts” Pet Cow!

Most elementary school classes have some type of “class pet” within its room, usually a small rodent, such as a hamster or guinea pig, and sometimes even going up to a larger pet, like a rabbit.

However, the Independent Day School’s third-grade class took that initiative a bit further this school year, by virtually “adopting” a pet cow! By using the educational-based program, Discovery Dairy, Third-Grade teacher, Melanie Kagey, and her students will embark on the year-long project, which was a "bucket filling" reward that students were able to earn.

“With this program, we can link this into each and every subject that is taught in third grade,” explained Mrs. Kagey. “This links to math by being able to show growth and change over time in the cow’s weight, tracking, and estimation. This also works into our opinion writing unit where students will be able to share their thoughts on what they have learned and if they would or would not want to have a cow, which they all do! This is something that can be done both in the classroom and home if needed.”

The recently “adopted” cow lives at Dutch Hollow Farm in upstate New York and was born in early October. The students have submitted the name of “Cotton Candy” for their new class pet. Throughout the program, the students will also learn how the farmer takes care of her, receive photos of the cow, and will provide activity sheets and PowerPoints for the students as well. At the end of the school year, the students will be able to enjoy a skype session to “meet” Cotton Candy and the farmer who is taking care of her.

Welcome to the IDS community, Cotton Candy!