Middle School Creates Virtual Storybooks

Our Middle School students have been extremely busy the last few weeks, creating virtual storybooks in iBis Paint X, GarageBand, and iMovie.  Students started this project by reading The Rocket Book, from the Library of Congress. Students observed, reflected, and asked questions about the artwork in this book and then created music in GarageBand to imitate the action happening on a page of each student’s choosing. 

After learning how to use the art program, iBis Paint X, students again opened the virtual pages of The Rocket Book, making observations and reflections about the written work, the rhyming, and how the art worked with the story. In addition, students made observations and reflections about a few other popular storybooks of today like Goodnight Moon, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Students noticed, and discussed, the simplified language that would be used for younger students. 

Students were then put in groups of three to four and were asked to create their own virtual storybooks. The storybooks would consist of the written story, artwork, and music to go along with the story. Each group would have to decide what age to write their stories for. 

“The students worked collaboratively in the small groups, while social distancing, and had fun problem solving with one another,” remarked art teacher Jane Mills. “It was amazing to see them working together and problem-solving to create their projects!”

Once completed, our middle school students shared their works with the lower school and early childhood students via Google Meets. Great job everyone!!


Grade 6 Stories:

Banjo the Dragon  Alex, Arushi, and Jaeden (First Grade on up)

Chanelle the Crab Anya, Danica, Desta, and Michael R. (Kindergarten on up)

Even a Princess  Chloe, Gianna, Rylie (Kindergarten on up)

The Great Sugar Adventure Patrick, Michael F, and Tessa (Kindergarten on up)

Olivia the Birthday Girl Eliza, Grace, Delaney, Macy (Kindergarten on up)

Pizza Wars Dylan, Andrew F., and Fletcher (First Grade on up)

Grade 7 Stories

The Attack of the School Supplies  Amber, Kat, Lydia, Nola, (Fourth Grade on up)

Bring Your Pet to School Day  Rowen, Will, Quinn H. (Beginners on up)

Gaston the Crouton  Alexandros, Ellie, Kaelyn, Natalia, (First Grade on up)

Harold Wants a Chocky Bar A.J. Luke, Quinn H. Kody (Beginners on up)

I’ll See You at the Zoo  Aviv, Matea, Sarah R., and Zeke (Beginners on up)

The Magical Forest  Alexandros, Aria, and Sarah S. (Second Grade on up)
Grade 8 Stories

The Big Game Derek, Shrikar, Timmy (Beginners/Pre-K on up)
Oh No, The Aliens are Coming! Bennett, Kellen, and Yina  (Third Grade on up)

A Rabbit’s Tale Joey, Sarah P., Silas, and Sophie (Beginners/Pre-K on up)

Rocky’s Road Trip  Ben, Elijah, Henry P., (Kindergarten on up)

Summer’s Day Akum, Henry K., and Leah (Kindergarten on up)

Walter Makes Pancakes Owen, Hannah, K’niyah (First Grade on up)

Where’s Wilson Ava, Charlotte, Cristina (Beginners/Pre-K on up)