IDS Students Make Successful Trip Back to Boston

One of the most cherished and special aspects of being a Middle School student here at IDS is the end-of-year seventh-grade field trip to Boston. Traditionally a two-night trip, the experience takes students all over Concord, Lexington, and Boston as the students see up close the many important locations they have spent the past year learning about. Unfortunately, due to COVID, last year’s seventh graders (this year’s eighth-graders) were not able to go on their trip, and there was serious doubt that a trip could occur this year as well. 

However, with improving conditions and through significant planning and strategizing, IDS was once again able to overcome all obstacles and deliver a fun and immersive experience for our students. Although modifications were made, seventh (May 19) and eighth (May 12) graders finally made their trips to Boston and each grade enjoyed a full day exploring this historic area.

“The trip combines focused curricular year-long tie-in for both History and English curricula with significant and special class-bonding and memory-making experiences,” says Middle School teacher and trip organizer Charlie Mitchell. “It is an intentional opportunity also to work on essential life skills as we navigate our way through both country and city settings, many kids for the first time. Mostly, over the years it has become a right-of-passage and tradition that has taken on its own mystique, and is just a ton of fun for everyone visiting the greatest city in the world!”

Beginning in Concord, students retraced the steps of significant spots from the Revolutionary War, starting at the Old North Bridge, and making their way through Battle Road Trail while stopping at historically important locations along the way.

The day continued as the students traveled into the heart of Boston and experienced many of the amazing historical sites the city has to offer. From walking the Black Heritage Trail to visiting sites such as Faneuil Hall, Old North Church, the Holocaust Memorial, Old South Meeting House, and so many others, the students truly enjoyed the full Boston experience and finally got to partake in this amazing IDS tradition. 

“After spending most of the year not knowing if we were going to be able to go, it was awesome to see the spirit, enthusiasm, and engagement of the kids,” remarked Mitchell. “They were super excited, and it was great to feed off that energy. Also, the breadth and depth of what we can cover academically and socially in just one (albeit long one) day. I'm always invigorated by the amount that they bring to the trip as they get to "live" what we've been reading and talking about in both History and English classes. After all the ups and downs of the last 14 months, I am so glad that both the Class of 2021 and Class of 2022 were able to have this opportunity, and can't wait until it's time for the Class of 2023’s trip next spring!”