IDS Students Enjoy Trip to Massachusetts

On Friday, November 5, on what was a gorgeous New England day, The Independent Day School celebrated the return of its annual combined Third and Seventh Grade social studies trip to Massachusetts!
The day began with the students  exploring the Mayflower (the replica, but it was close enough!) and seeing "Plimoth Rock." The students then zipped across town to the Plimoth/Patuxet Museum to spend the rest of the day exploring the life and the cultures of the indigenous peoples and colonists they have been studying this fall.
First, students visited the "Wampanoag Village" to study the lives of the indigenous peoples in the area. After learning more about their lives, culture, and history they went across to the "English Village" to see what life was like for the first British colonists in Massachusetts Bay.
Throughout the day, the students worked in “families” of third and seventh graders to complete the "photojournalism scavenger hunt" and we can't wait to see their slideshows and have them share their memories with the community.  
It was special for many of the seventh graders who remembered their third-grade trip (and had fun comparing the two experiences), and the third graders took good notes so they will remember the experience when they go back in four years.