Lower School Participates in Global Tech Week

The Independent Day School’s Lower School students took part in “Hour of Code” last week, a global movement introducing tens of millions of students worldwide to computer science, inspiring kids to learn more, breaking stereotypes, and leaving them feeling empowered. 

The Hour of Code was created in 2013 as a non-profit that believes in a clear vision  that every student in school should have the opportunity to learn computer science and computer programming as core parts of the curriculum, with the secondary aim to increase participation by women and students of color. 

This annual global event takes place during Computer Science Education Week (the first week in December). Activities require no experience and can be run on browsers, tablets, and smartphones, and some do not require any computer at all! 

IDS Students learned that computer science is a changing industry and enjoyed learning how to create their own codes. Students also gained a stronger appreciation of how coding promotes higher-level thinking, how it can be taught anywhere at any time, and can help them learn new skills in the future. 

Thank you to the IDS Lower School teachers, Mrs. Melanie Kagey, Mrs. Allison Klobukowski, and Mr. Rob Schoen for being such instrumental instructors during this fun, and important, learning initiative!